Operating Instructions

The majority of our mirrors have a shaver socket,  de-mist function and LED lights as standard

Depending on the mirror you have purchased, other functions may be included such as LED Clock and Smart Technology

LED lights

The LED lights are switched on and off by the sensor switch underneath the mirror (see figure 8)

Figure 8

To turn the lights on, just pass your hand within 80mm of the sensor

To turn the lights off, repeat the process

If you want the mirror LED lights to turn on and off with your bathroom ceiling lights , this is really simple to do and involves  by-passing the sensor but it is best performed by a qualified electrician. Remember , if you bypass the sensor and  want the shaver socket to operate after you have turned the ceiling lights off, you will need an extra wire at the mirror. Your electrician will advise you .

De-mist Function

Each mirror has a de-mist function. This is activated each time the lights are turned on. When the lights are turned off, the de-mist pad turns off as well.

Shaver Point

The shaver point has an isolating transformer connected to it, ensuring your safety  when you use it for a tooth brush charger or shaver etc .

The spring loaded cover conveniently covers the outlet when not in use . In order to activate the shaver socket, the water proof switch above  it must be switched on first .  (see figure 9)

Figure 9

LED Clock

The LED clock is an optional extra on some mirrors. It is adjusted by the small black or silver button located on the bottom edge of the  mirror to the left of the sensor switch (see figure 10)

Smart Technology

The Smart Technology function is an optional extra on some mirrors. It allows you to connect your smart phone to the mirror and play your favourite music through the in built speakers.  

The Smart Technology is only functional when the touch sensor is activated and the lights are on. When you activate the sensor switch, you will hear an audible tone. Enable the Bluetooth function on your smart phone and pairing mode will begin.

When your smart phone displays a pairing code (see pairing code list), select this and type in the corresponding password to connect it successfully to the mirror speakers. An audible tone will be heard to confirm the connection has been made.

You can now play your favourite music through the mirror.


Model : BT-M0011 , Password : 0028

Model : BT-M0012 , Password : 0029

Model : BT-M0013 , Password : 0030

Model : BT-M0014 , Password : 0031

Model : BT-M0015 , Password : 0032

Model : BT-M0016 , Password : 0033

Model : BT-M0017 , Password : 0034

Model : BT-M0018 , Password : 0035

Model : BT-M0019 , Password : 0036

Model : BT-M0020 , Password : 0037

If, during playback, the smart phone receives an incoming call, the device will automatically pause the music and switch to general call phone mode .Please note when this happens, the music will pause but the voice call will not play through the mirror speakers . After the incoming call is terminated , the music will continue.

When you want to disconnect from the mirror, just turn the Bluetooth off on your phone . A sound will be heard signalling the Bluetooth connection has been broken.

If you do not disconnect from the Bluetooth connection and instead merely walk out of the room, the connection will be lost and may need re pairing when you walk back in .

It is normal that the mirrors Bluetooth device issues a sound when the pairing is connected or disconnected

Please Note

When the Bluetooth function is enabled and in use on your phone and WiFi is being used to listen to music on line , this may cause intermittent playback problems due to the slow down load speed. Songs and content pre-installed on your phone should play back  perfectly fine .