Choosing The Right Mirror For Your Bathroom Style

Final touches to any project in the home can transform an ordinary room in to something quite spectacular . This is no more true than in your bathroom or shower room.

Bathrooms and kitchens have always been the most expensive rooms to make over . Importantly, when surveyed, most people agree that the bathroom and kitchen are two areas that add significant value to the property if they are renovated well.

Take a shower room for example. Most of the ‘big’ decisions concerning the renovation have already been made such as the size ,colour and texture of the tiles , the basin style and size, the shower screen etc. One important item that is often overlooked is the lighting in the room. Most people today are looking for a stylish , energy efficient lighting solution. Often , this takes the form of waterproof recessed down lights and under bath ambient lighting.

Another way to create a stylish solution is to install an illuminated mirror or cabinet . As with many things in these modern times , the choice available to the consumer is extensive with different sizes and shapes and features

When deciding on a vanity mirror or mirror cabinet, you need to make some decisions. Installing an illuminated mirror will create a completely different experience in the shower room when the main ceiling lights are turned off.They can also be packed with useful features as well such as shaver points, de-mist pads , clocks and smart technology that allows you to listen to your favourite music whilst having a soak.

The size and orientation of the mirror is very important . If you have a long basin vanity, a mirror that compliments its shape would probably be bettered suited.

You also need to consider if the light given by the mirror is purely for creating an ambiance or if it is important for shaving or applying makeup. A brighter mirror would obviously be more useful for this.

If your storage is limited in the bathroom, it may be worthwhile looking at a bathroom cabinet. This could still be stylish but have room inside for your toothbrush charger or aftershaves/ fragrances

Another consideration is how large the room is and what impact steam will have. We have all at some time, made use of a bath towel to wipe off condensation from the glass before we can use it only to find that it happens again in a few seconds . Many mirrors now incorporate de-mist pads that almost instantly disperse the steam for the whole duration.

What ever you choose you want to make sure the mirror frame is durable and will not deteriorate with high humidity. Looking for a mirror with an aluminium frame is a solution to this and it looks great too.

When space is limited , smaller mirrors are an obvious choice and despite their compact dimensions , they can be packed with features. What ever you decide, take some time to consider what works best for your everyday lifestyle.